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Summer basketball camp for our high school player is hosted by the Grand Ledge coaching staff is held every year in June after school lets out. We will do a summer shootout, which has been at Northwood the last few years. Varsity usually does a couple more camps together, which has been MSU and CMU the last few years. See button below for summer info.

Summer basketball league will take place during the month of June. Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. These games will be played at GLHS for Varsity. For Frosh and JV they are typically played at one of the surrounding area schools. Cost for summer league is $20 or $10 if also signed up for the GLHS High School Summer Camp. Signing up for summer league is usually handled by each teams coach or team rep.

# NoOffSeason

There comes a time in basketball when winter asks what you have been doing all summer?

Summer Team Camps and Shoot Outs

Summer League

This is a program we will start in October to get us into basketball shape prior to the season beginning. We typically go 3 days a week. We usually will have these sessions at the Beagle Track. We will work rain or shine so please dress accordingly. The purpose of these workouts is to increase working capacity in our athletes stamina and also to improve agility, flexibility and explosion. Jill Marlan a Grand Ledge Alum and Scholarship basketball player with Wayne State helps run these workouts. Jill is the owner of Peak Performance and works with many college and pro athletes, she is a great resource to our program. There is no cost for this program.


What is it? This is a program wide open basketball session for ball players to play basketball games; it is supervised by the high school coaching staff.  There is no cost for this program.

Open Gym

What are they? These workouts are an opportunity for the ball players to work out with a member of the Varsity/JV/Frosh Basketball coaching staff in skill training sessions. Former MSU standout, Captain and Big ten defensive player of the year, Travis Walton typically assists Varsity in the spring with these workouts.  The purpose of these sessions is to help each ball player understand the type of workouts they should be doing on their own time to take their game to the next level. MHSAA will only allow us to workout with 4 players at a time. There is no cost for this program.

Individual Workouts

It is expected that if you are going to play in this program you make a dedication to the weight room.  We need to build culture and camaraderie in the weight room.  Our strength and conditioning Coach, Mr.  Malkawitz runs an excellent program everyday  after school from 3-4. Please sign in and record your lifts daily.  This is the most important hour you can invest in your game.  This program isn't designed to make our athletes big and bulky, it's designed to make our students better athletes. In Season we also have a great Crossfit Trainer (Coach Jaime Lewis) that works with our athletes.  She will be working on functional lifts that have practical application to our sport.  All the coaches that oversee our athletes in the weight room are certified and very knowledgeable in their craft.  There is no cost for this program.

Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) and Crossfit

As a program we basically have 4 time periods in which we do different activities: In-season, fall season, spring season, and summer season.  Our goal is to facilitate opportunities for our athletes to see continued year round improvement if that is something they wish to accomplish.  If our athletes are playing another sport that sport should take precedence over any of these activities.   

The will to work in empty gyms in the off-season, allows the opportunity to play in packed gyms in-season.