• Never Quit on a Play!
  • No Poor Body Language
  • No Pointing Fingers (Unless for Good Pass)
  • Root for Your Teammates While on the Bench
  • Study During Study Hall
  • Attitude of Gratitude - Say "Thank You"
  • Look People in the Eye When Communicating
  • Be a Role Model off the Floor
  • Be Humble in Victory - Gracious in Defeat
  • Share the Juices and the Basketball
  • Keep the Locker Room Clean
  • Go to Class
  • Compete (No Excuses)
  • Be on Time (No Excuses)
  • Listen
  • Play through the Referees' Calls
  • Make the Simple Play
  • Huddle up as a Team on Free Throws
  • Run to the Bench When Substituted for
  • Run to Timeouts
  • Run to the Locker Room
  • No Cussing on Court
  • No Hanging Head

Player Development Specialist

Trafford Hannon
Pure Sweat

Comet Basketball Workout Drills 
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Player Development
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